Cantilever TV Stands

Cantilever TV Stands

Televisions today are getting more bigger and more costlier which requires fragile handling. And number one concern of people is how to store it in their house. Aside from mounting your TV on the wall or buying a space consuming TV stand, cantilever TV stands are another choice in storing your television.

Benefits of Cantilever TV Stands VS. Mounting Your TV on the Wall

cantilever TV standsThey say that whoever invented cantilever TV stands is a genius. Mounting a 40″ flat screen can be an exhausting task to begin with. First you have to exert sufficient effort in drilling screws in your precious wall and attach the bracket on it. Next is you can’t be quite sure if your wall is strong enough to support the plasma TV, and if it is for now you can’t be sure if how long it is going to make it. Another problem is dealing with cables and adding additional equipment to your television. And since the plasma is fixed on the wall, you won’t be able to make further changes in the layout of your living room.

On the other hand cantilever TV stands have also bracket system which are attached to the stand itself. Cantilever TV stands provide a stable support to your expensive flat screen without the hassle of mounting it on the wall. In addition, there’s room for DVD players and game consoles which you could store on the cantilever TV stands. The base gives a perfect support on the television so you can watch peacefully and comfortably without worrying that your plasma will accidentally fall over.

There are many great choices of cantilever TV stands you can choose from. There are traditional 2 to 3 shelf glass cantilever TV stands and there are also other versatile creations from brands like Demagio and Aquila. Aside from glass, there are also choices of material like wood and metallic cantilever TV stands.

Cantilever TV Stands: Conclusion

The reason why we pay particular attention to our TV stand is because it is where we are going to place our expensive television. There are many choices of TV stands being offered right now, and one of them is mounting our television on the wall. Although it provides a secure and stable support for our television, the process can be exhausting and you won’t be guaranteed if how long your wall will be able to sustain the weight of your plasma TV.

There are also furniture stands that provide a wide base for those flat panels with a wider screen, but the number one problem with it is instability. Televisions with wider screen but narrower base can easily fall down by accident compared to picture tube television.

Cantilever TV stands is recommended if you want a secure support for your television and additional room for other devices. A cantilever TV stand is just like an ordinary TV stand however it has a supporting bracket that holds your television. Cantilever TV stand will also add an edgier and unique look to your living room.