Building Your Above Ground Pool Deck

Building Your Above Ground Pool Deck

Above ground pools are very popular products for many home owners. They can purchase the above ground pool to use the empty space in the backyard and transform it to a gathering place for family. Ground pool is also an ideal item for families who are hesitant and reluctant to go to the beach this summer because of money and gas prices. The best thing about the ground pool is that with a right maintenance, it is like purchasing a lifetime pass for a swimming pool.

One of the most important ways to preserve and maximize your time in the above ground pool is to construct decks around them. Building Your Above Ground Pool Deck however, is not always an easy task for the average home owner. They often need to dig a hole and implement concrete supports before putting the decks. In other words, they take a lot of time to do so. Now, listen to this: the method of digging the holes is outdated, anachronistic, and outmoded method. Then, what is the new and innovative method?

There are several websites in Internet that promote this, but by far, the most popular one based on the other home owners is the website ( Under the Deck Plan’s method of building the deck, the home owners will place Dek-Block Piers (visit their website to see the images) instead of digging the holes. Afterwards, they will put the wooden boards and add other pertaining details to the deck. Now, you might be wondering, is it worth the trouble to do this? Well, DeckPlans argue, and I have seen several blogs using this method, on reducing the amount of time to build a pool deck in just one day. They also claim that the cost of construction is reduced up to twenty-five percents.

Now, in regards to how you would actually begin this process, the answer is on deciding the shape and design of the deck first. You can use or some other websites or places. The key factor is that before you start to work, you need to make a decision on what kind of pool deck you will buy and how much you will spend your money on. Afterwards, you can go online or stores and purchase the items you want.

Some of you, however, may firmly believe that wood is not the type of material you want. Indeed, wood can be problematic over the years, and you might be looking for something stronger than just wood. Then, consider websites like Shade Builder ( There are many articles and information in this website on how-to for building decks with aluminum and other tips for items like deck shades. The navigation for website may be a bit complicated than that of DeckPlans, but it is certainly a worthwhile place to look.

As long as you plan it carefully and ask help if necessary, you should be able to build a nice deck along with the above ground pool.

Building Your Above Ground Pool Deck will be a project you will be glad to be done with, but look back on with appreciation and you will be happy it’s done.