Buffalo New York Sports – The Sabres

Buffalo sports fans love their teams and have demonstrated that Buffalo New York sports fans are more gracious and forgiving then any other city.

They love hockey and have some memorable games. As far as regular season there aren’t many games that are any better than the game in November of 2010 played against the New Jersey Devils
It is quite an outstanding shootout after the overtime period with a strange bounce of the puck that results in a missed shot and gave the goal to the Buffalo Sabres.


For the avid fans the memories cover many decades and involve some even more memorable games between the Buffalo Sabres and their NHL playoff competition and even better are some of the great games played in the NHL finals playing for Lord Stanley’s Cup. The Stanley Cup is one of the most prestigious sports awards and coveted by every young boy who straps on ice skates and dreams of skating around a rink hoisting that large cup.