Boat Transport Companies

Boat Transport CompaniesBoat Transport Companies

Looking for a boat transport company? It’s not all the easy finding the right match that will work for your needs.  We’ve worked on a list of intelligent questions to ask when you call the Boat Transport Companies.

Questions to ask Boat Transport Companies

When you call boat transport companies you need to be ready to interview them and find out what their true capabilities are.

Size Of Boat – Big or Small?

Does it matter if your boat is big or small? No not really. Boat Transport Companies can haul your boat if it is a canoe or if it is a super yacht. If you need your boat to be shipped to a different location then let’s make it happen!

Distance of Transport

The cost certainly varies depending on the distance that the boat transport companies need to haul your boat. A large part of the cost is initial loading and the safe unloading of your valuable boat. Once the boat has loading it has the standard cost per mile and therefore a distance of 1,000 will not be double the cost of 500 miles.  First ask the Boat Transport Companies for the loading and unloading fees

Boat Transport Companies InsuranceBoat Transport Companies

Before you agree to ‘ship’ your boat, you must figure out the insurance issue. You need to find out what the Boat Transport Companies will be liable for if something happens. What if an uninsured driver crashes into the boat while it’s parked at a gas station? Will the Boat Transport Companies offer full replacement? Will they blame you and make you file it as a claim on you marine insurance policy? Keep in mind that it will impact your future rates.

Boat Transport Companies

 Making a Decision

When you are ready to make a final decision on which of the Boat Transport Companies you are going to use, compare the overall cost, insurance coverage, time frame within which they will deliver the boat to the new location and how it will be treated during transport. Do they really understand what all a boat transport entails?

If you ask them how many boats they have shipped as a company you will immediately understand if they are up for the task or not.

Boat Transport CompaniesThere are many Boat Transport Companies, but not all can or should be entrusted with a valuable boat, especially not your valuable boat!