Board Game Storage

Board Game Storage

We’ve all found board games all over the house and end up with a pile somewhere but it doesn’t ever really seem to fit or Board Game Storage be a real storage place. If you use board games frequently or have kids that access them a lot, you need a real and permanent storage area for you games.

Consider cabinet style Board Game Storage

The best and more simple board game storage is a cabinet.

Winsome Wood Timber Storage Cabinet

What about Missing/broken boxes?

By having a designated board game storage area you will find that you cut back on broken board games, damaged boxes and missing pieces.

On the go Board Game Storage

If you are planning a road trip and you want to take some board games along, you need to think ahead about board game storage on the go. What mobile board game solutions are there? You can get a simple crate that can store you games and protect them as well. They will be easy to move around and keep them from getting smooshed, lost or misplaced. There are more permanent solutions like the ones from

Moving Board Game Storage

Are you moving? Across state of across town is the same thing when it comes to board game storage. Boxes can get tipped over and spilled all over the place, pieces can go missing and

Choosing good locations for Board Game Storage

Think ahead about the time people or kids will want to access the games. The guest room closet might be a great idea but it could turn out to be a problem if company is staying overnight and goes to bed early and everyone else wants to play games. A hallway closet could be great, if the open doors won’t be in the way when kids are choosing a game to play, putting it away or standing there admiring all of the different games you have.

Garage Board Game Storage

The garage is another common option for a game storage area. The garage has additional concerns for board games. Garages are normally not as well insulated as a home and are much more likely to encounter the elements and be exposed to moisture and dampness as well as smells from garage chemicals.

board game storage cabinetBoard Game Storage Basement Concerns

If you are storing your board games in the basement, there are some definite concerns. Same of the top board game storage concerns for the basement are

  • mildew and mold
  • damp air
  • water damage
Plan ahead if you are going to store your board games in the basement. Use water tight containers that are not sitting directly on the floor.

Find a safe board game storage area to make sure your board games are well preserved for lots of enjoyment for a long time!