Bissel Steam Mop

Bissel Steam Mop: Looking Back at the Bissel Company’s Good Old History

Bissel is probably one of the oldest American companies ever existed. Today, Bissel is a trusted brand of lightweight home cleaners that are both convenient to use and easy to store.

These company started in humble beginnings. Back in the Mid 1800s, a couple in Grand Rapids, Michigan named Melville and Anna Bissel owned a small crockery shop. Before closing the shop in the evening, Anna would complain with the sawdust that was scattered all over the floor carpet that can’t be removed in a single sweeping. Hoping to find a solution, Anna confided the problem to her husband Melville. Melville being mechanically skilled, began designing and constructing a carpet sweeper that would fix the problem of her wife.

Soon after, Melville’s carpet sweeper invention spread like a wildfire. The public began questioning where they could purchase their own carpet sweeper! In 1876 the Bissel Carpet Sweeper was patented and the first ever Bissel manufacturing plant was built in the year 1883 on Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Anna Bissell began taking over the company after her husband’s death in 1889 making her the first female corporate CEO in America. Anna certainly knows her plans for the future of the company and started expanding their carpet sweeper business by introducing it to other countries.

As the 21st century approaches, Bissel Company started producing new lines of domestic cleaning appliances that would keep up with the lifestyle changes. Bissel Company is one of the pioneers of manufacturing portable carpet sweeper. They also began producing cleaners that would deodorize and disinfect at the same time like the Bissel steam mop. Bissel steam mop is one of the most in demand cleaners at home, hotels, hospitals and other establishments.

Features of a Bissel Steam Mop

Bissel steam mopBissel steam mop is an example of a product that uses steaming technology. Cleaning and disinfecting with steam and disregarding the need of chemical additives is one feature of Bissel steam mop. The water stored in the Bissel steam mop also heats up quickly (about 30-45 seconds) so you can start cleaning in no time. Bissel steam mop models are also light weight which is a positive feature, unlike old school cleaning devices where you are already tired by just merely controlling the appliances. The power cords of a bissel steam mop are long to ensure maximized room cleaning. Each product also contains two microfiber pads that can be machine washed.

Disadvantages of Bissel Steam Mop with Sweeping Features

Other steam mop has vacuum features, the Bissel steam mop on the other hand has sweeping features. Many customers prefer using the sweeping and the steaming separately because when used at the same time, the result are less desirable. The sweeping features in the Bissel Steam Mop are not that powerful compared to vacuum, you literally have to broom or vacuum the surface in order to remove any debris. In order to use the steaming features only, the user must pull the trigger located on the handle of the Bissel steam mop which can cause hand strains.

Another disadvantage is the poorly designed head of the Bissel steam mop. It is to big to fit under the cabinet and to wide to clean corners. There are also subjective responses from the customers that the water from the tank leaks.