Bird Parrot Cage Macaw Cockatoo African Grey Q32-2422 S


Bar Spacing: 5/8″
Overall Dimensions: 32″W x 30″D x 65″H(With Seed Skirt)
Interior Dimensions without stand: 24″Wx22″Dx31″H
Height of the play top:24″Wx22″Dx13″H
Cage Dimensions with stand: 24″Wx22″Dx67″H
4 Seed Skirt
Removable Bottom Grid
2 Metal Tray
1 Nest Box Door
4 Feed Doors
4 30oz Stainless Steel Cups(5″ diameter) for Inside Cage
2 – 20oz Stainless Steel Cups(5″ diameter) for Play top
2 Perches (play top and inside cage)
4 Casters
Toy is not included
The color of the cage that you will receive is same as the picture in the listing