Bike Wall Rack

Bike Wall Rack: Do It Yourself!

Yes there are numerous bike wall rack which you could buy from stores and easily install in your house, but sometimes you weren’t satisfied with the outcome. There are some things that this bike wall rack fail to meet the criteria you’re looking for such as the number of bikes able to hold and the versatility in storing varying sizes of bicycles. So why don’t customize and make your very own bike wall rack? It would be fun and inexpensive!

Bike Wall Rack: The Materials You Will Need

Here are the materials that you will be using in this do it your self bike wall rack.

  • Stud sensor
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Large metal hooks that are designed for screwing
  • A wood screws with sizes 8 to 10 cm
  • 2×4 wood (it depends on how long your bike wall rack should be or how many bikes you will store)
  • A plastic tubing with measurements of 7/16″  with 5/16″ diameter
  • Plastic, wall paper or thin plywood sheet to protect the wall from tire marks which is optional.

Bike Wall Rack: Easy Steps in Making Your Own!

bike wall rack

  • To give you a heads up on how the bikes will look on this do it yourself bike wall rack, they still be in a vertical standing position with the hooks holding the front wheel of the bike. Picture it as you are riding a bike on the wall and you are heading towards your ceiling.
  • Accurate measurement is the key. In order not to add so much tension on the bikes due to pull of gravity which may deform the front wheel, carefully measure the height of the bike in an upright standing position. Mark the wall with a pencil. Put the 2×4 wood on the area where you marked a pencil then drill it in place.
  • Check if the wood is in proper alignment before proceeding to the next step.
  • Next is screwing the large metal hooks. Now this hooks will serve as the anchor of this bike wall rack therefore careful spacing must be made so that the bikes will not be crowded together.
  • You might wonder that screws are made from metal which can damage your tires and rims when hooked for a long period of time. That is the reason why we have a plastic tubing in making this bike wall rack. Just simply slip the plastic tubing on the large hooks to cover the sharp metallic edges.
  • You bike wall rack is now finished! You can now hang those bike of yours. But you can still add some personal touches like painting the wood.

This form of bike wall rack are appropriate for homes or apartments! Take note that you could extend the length of the wood in case you have to store even the bikes of your room mates. It is so easy to make plus its just under $40. To make this bike wall rack last for long, make sure that you will buy a wood of high quality. And also remember to place plastic covers if you don’t want tire marks all over the walls of your apartment.