Bike Trainer Stand

Bike Trainer Stand

Bike trainer stand also known as stationary bikes are the reasons why professional cyclists are able to train their skills indoors. This is highly useful when the weather outside is not conducive for training. Bike trainer stand is classified into three categories: wind bike trainer stand, magnetic bike trainer stand and the fluid bike trainer stand.

Bike trainer stands are not like those you see in the gym. These trainer stands are uniquely made for training purposes, but at the same time you can also use these for working out purposes. Bike trainer stands produces resistance in every pedal to give a realistic biking ambiance.

A bicycle trainer has a rear axle bike stand with resistance and roller mechanism. In order to mount the bike, it is lifted a few inches from the ground then it’s fixed on the rear axle. Then you can now start your indoor practice.

bike trainer stand

Wind Bike Trainer Stand

This is the most affordable among the other types of bike trainer stand. Wind bike trainer stands from CycleOps and Kurt Kinetic are the most recommended ones. In terms of performance, wind bike trainer are able to deliver. However the number one complain about this design is it produces too much noise when in use. In addition to that, other customers said that this type of bike trainer stand does not exert much resistances. But for beginners who don’t want to splurge extravagant cash, well this model can be suitable for you.

Fluid Bike Trainer Stand

Most realistic, most dependable, most quite and most expensive type of bike trainer stand. Maybe the inventors of this bike trainer stand got their idea from swimming. When you are submerged under water it is very difficult to move due to resistance and that resistance is what most cyclists are looking for.

This bike trainer stand works by spinning an impeller via fluid. You don’t have to worry about fluid getting thinner or evaporated due to friction because most fluid bike trainer stand uses silicone. Therefore no matter how much heat was produced due to friction, the fluid is still thick and the resistance remains consistent.

The only disadvantage of this bike trainer stand is the fluid leak which is imminent even in other expensive brands. However they managed to find a solution to that problem when it happened. Just stay away from cheapest and low performing brands because they are the ones who have lots of leaking issues.

Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand

It’s the next best bike trainer stand after the fluid magnetic bike trainers. It uses resistance through electro magnetic induction, and other brands like CylcelOps uses centrifugal force. However it wasn’t able to keep up with the resistance produced by fluid bike trainer stand.

Magnetic bike trainers are made of heavy duty frame for support and stability purposes. The trainer stand can be easily folded when not in use. Plus it most magnetic bike trainers offers five levels of resistance which is a great transition from beginners to professionals.