Bike Trailer Hitch

Bike Trailer Hitch

Bike trailer hitch is one of the types of bike carriers for cars. Cars, SUV’s or pick up trucks that has a readily available trailer hitch at the back of their vehicle usually prefer this type of bike carriers.

Bike Trailer Hitch Yakima Product Specification and Reviews

bike trailer hitch

The Yakima Holdup 2 Bike Hitch Rack. The rear wheel cradle has an adjustable straps that will fit on almost all types and size of wheels and tires. This bike trailer hitch does not require removal of the front wheel when mounting plus there are less contact on the frames. It includes the 6 ft cable which are needed for locking both rack and bike. The receiver hitch size are available from 1.25 inch to 2 inches. This type of bike trailer hatch weights 49 pounds and can transport 2 bicycles.


  • This bike trailer hitch is stable and cause only minimal sways during rough ride.
  • The yakima holdup 2 bike hitch trailer is very durable.
  • Can be installed easily and not difficult to use.
  • Versatile. Applicable to any bikes of all kinds and sizes.


  • The lock mechanisms were poorly made and designed.
  • The placement of the release button not quite applicable.
  • Mounting the bikes are quite tricky.
  • The bike trailer hitch is quite heavy.
  • The cables which are used for locking the bikes are short.
bike trailer hitch
Yakima Swing Daddy Hitch Rack. Like other bike trailer hitch this design is very versatile , it can cater all bikes of different sizes and types. The arms are padded which are also adjustable. It has an anti sway feature that prevents the bike from hitting each other during rough driving. You can mount 4 bicycles. It also has an included security cable.
  • This bike trailer hitch is very easy to install and very convenient to use.
  • The anti sway motion is effective.
  • It is very durable.
  • Well, its expensive.
  • The cables loosens when driving on rough roads.
  • Small bikes may be difficult to install.
bike trailer hitch
Yakima Double Down Hitch Rack. This bike trailer hitch can hold 5 bicycles. Capable to hold all bikes however adapter, which is sold separately, may be required for kid’s and women’s bikes. The arms can be lowered when not in use and once the bikes are moved, the bike trailer hitch can be tilted down to provide access on the back of the vehicle. This bike trailer hitch has also an anti sway feature to prevent bike damages. There are also chain straps which is used to securely anchor bikes in place.
  • This type of bike trailer hitch is easy to install.
  • The weight is reasonable.
  • No question about its durability
  • All the five bikes should be alike. If one is different, for example a woman’s bike, then it is impossible to mount 5 bikes in this bike trailer hitch.
  • The device can be unstable when improperly installed.
  • Mounting mountain bikes can be slight difficult.
  • If you are not planning to mount 5 bikes then just settle for those bike trailer hitch that are smaller than this.