Bike Racks for Trucks

Types of Bike Racks for Trucks

  • Tail – Gator Bike Racks for Trucks. It can hold two bikes and it does not need any accessories or tools to install. Tail-gator bike racks are versatile, it can fit in any size of pick up trucks. Since it is installed on the rear end of your truck, it gives the flat bed of your truck more space for other items. It takes only 5 quick straps to make this installation procedure. Tail-gator can be also folded when not in use.

bike racks for trucks

  • Advantage Bed Rack. These type of bike racks for trucks can hold four bikes. The bikes assume a standing position during the trip and each bike are securely placed in each racks. You don’t have to worry of drilling holes at the back of your pick up because this kind of bike racks for trucks involves no drilling and no other necessities required. Just simply place the rear wheels of the bike into the rack, position the foam wheel stabilizers on the rims then slide the wheel tensioner to keep the bike held in place.
bike racks for trucks
  • Thule. These type of bike racks for trucks can only hold one bike in the truck bed. It has a quick release fork mount design that is responsible for easy and fast loading of bikes at the same time keeping them secure from turns and bumps. The frames are screwed and drilled on the truck bed.

bike racks for trucks

  • Soft ride shuttle pad. It can hold 6 bikes plus it protects both the bicycle and tailgates. All you have to do is to simply install these bike racks for trucks on your tailgate plus the 6 soft wraps to secure the bikes. It is the most convenient form of installation among all other bike racks for tracks. It requires no drilling, clamping and other tools. These bike racks for trucks are available in two sizes: 54″ and 61″.
bike racks for trucks

Things to Consider When Buying Bike Racks for Trucks

The garage is the first thing you should look at and not the store when choosing bike racks for trucks. Inspect your vehicle and look at the rear end if there are readily available trailer hitch where you could attach rear bike racks.

Next is determine how many bikes are you going to place in the bike racks. There are bike racks that are able to hold up to five bicycles. But if you are not going to use those, its better to settle on bike racks that only holds one or two bikes.

It is also important to measure the size of the bikes. There are some bike racks for trucks that have size specifications. If the bike does not fit properly on the rack, the rack might not be able to hold and secure it.

Next is if you prefer to leave the flat bed of your truck empty then you should probably get a tail gate therefore you could have more room at the back of you pick up truck. But tail gait model can only hold two bicycles, so if you are bringing more than two then a soft ride and the advantage bed rack model is the right one for you.