Bike Racks for SUVs

Bike Racks for SUVs

Let’s face it, when choosing bike racks for SUVs you are dealing with two important matters. The first one is you need a form of bike racks that will do less invasive damage to your precious vehicle, and the second one is you need a bike racks that will be able to protect and secure your bike when travelling.

Choosing the Appropriate Bike Racks for SUVs

bike racks for SUVs

There are tons of bike racks for SUVs that you could find in the market. And when humans have many choices, they tend to become overwhelmed and choose the wrong choice. Therefore when heading the store you must always put your needs on top.

  • Ask yourself first is if how often you will need these bike racks for SUVs. If you travel your bikes a lot then you will need a more heavy duty models of bike racks for SUVs like probably a hitch mounted bike rack or a spare tire bike rack. However these can be expensive. If you are not going to use these bike racks frequently then a trunk mounted bike racks for SUVs if is suitable enough for you. It can be detachable when not in use plus it is very affordable.
  • How many bikes do you need to carry? If you are carrying a lot of bikes then you must choose the appropriate bike rack for your vehicle. A hitch mounted bike rack is suggested for bringing 5 bicycles.
  • Do you own your car or is it just borrowed or rented? Heavy duty bike racks for SUVs needed to be installed in the car which can cause minimal invasive procedures. Therefore if you do not possess ownership of these vehicles I suggest that the trunk mounted bike rack is applicable since it can be detached easily.
  • Know your budget limits. This is essential not only for buying bike racks for SUVs but also to other things. State in your budget how much is allocated for purchasing a bike rack, installation expenses and payment for the man power. If you have a budget in mind, it would be easier for you to decide which bike rack you will buy.
  • If the bike rack that you have chosen will cause huge changes to the point wherein you have to switch cars with your wife, then don’t buy it. Bike racks for SUVs should be providing solutions for you and not you finding ways on how these bike racks should work.
  • How much is the capacity of your vehicle? If you are putting so much weight in it the vehicle may not perform its usual performance. Also adding additional weight in any vehicle could have a significant changes in its gas mileage capacity.
  • If your SUV have a readily available tow hitched then you should probably consider buying a hitch mounted bike racks for SUV, this saves you money for buying hitch and time for the installation procedures. If your SUV have a roof mounted utility rack then you might also consider buying roof mounted bike rack instead.