Bike Racks For Cars

Bike Racks For Cars

Biking is a very popular sports and recreational activities nowadays, but packing your bikes in your vehicle to get into a perfect biking trail destination could be a huge hassle without bike racks for cars.

Bike racks for cars are very handy and easy to use, you could forget the old habit of using tons of ropes just to secure your bikes. Bike racks for cars are appropriate for RV, pick up trucks, SUV and even those tiny mini coopers.

bike racks for cars

Types of Bike Racks for Cars

There are five main types of bike racks for cars.

  • Hitch Bike Racks for Cars. These are easily installed on the rear end of your vehicle. Other people worry that they may not be able to carry spare tire when choosing this kind of bike rack, but don’t you worry because the hitch extender will allow you that purpose. There is also a hitch stabilizer which prevents the bicycles from rattling in case passing on a rough road. You could bring up to 5 bicycles in a trip using these bike racks for cars.
  • Trunk Mounted Bike Racks for Cars. This model is the most affordable among all the types of bike racks for cars. It can fit to any car even SUV and vans plus it can be easily stored when not in use, these bike racks for cars have arms that you could easily fold. It has an adjustable arms to cater bikes of different sizes. ¬†However unlike the first bike rack, this type of model can only hold up to three bicycles.
  • Pick Up Truck Bike Racks for Cars. Pick up truck owners usually just lay down their bicycles on the truck’s flatbed when travelling since there are plenty of room at the back. But not only that you are damaging the paint of your bikes, at the same time the frames are also prone to deformities due to a bumpy ride. With the use of bike racks, you could maximize the space on the flatbed of your truck. There are models of standing bike racks where bicycles assume a standing position at the back of your track the entire trip, or you could also install bike racks attached to the trunk of you pick up. However it can only hold up to 3 bicycles.
  • Spare Tire Bike Racks for Cars. This type of bike racks for cars are perfect for SUVs and folks who love driving off the road. You could still assemble the bike rack without removing the spare tire which is one of the necessary equipment of a vehicle.
  • Roof Mounted Bike Racks for Cars. These models are mounted on the roof of the car perfect for mini coopers. These roof racks are designed for multi purposes. You could secure your surfing board or luggage on top of the roof when heading to a beach or something. NOTE: It was found out that this type of bike rack can decrease the mileage of a car most especially mini coopers.