Bike Rack Reviews

Bike Rack Reviews

When we are planning to buy something like a car, condo unit or cosmetics, we often conduct a survey first  about that certain product to let us now if it really does what it says on the advertisements.  Testimonials from previous customers are the best evidence to determine the pros and cons of the product which are often in the form of reviews. To guide you in choosing the appropriate bike storage, we will be giving you bike rack reviews on the roof racks and trunk mounted bike racks.

Bike Rack Reviews: Roof Racks for Cars

bike rack reviews

Our first bike rack reviews are for the yakima high roller upright bike mount rack – a kind of bike roof racks. Let’s first discuss the main features of this product. It has the capacity of holding only one bike but it is compatible to almost all factory bars. It is recommended for hauling bikes however bike rack locks are not included, you have to purchase and install it separately. These models have a 1 year warranty.

Advantages: Bike owners are very specific about getting their bikes scratched because of clamping on the frames just to make this bikes secure on travel. The yakima high roller upright bike mount rack uses a lock system that are attached on the tires and not the frame. According to different bike rack reviews, loading a bike using this model can only take up to 5 minutes or less even those bikes with disk brakes.

Disadvantages: The missing lock system is the most complains from bike rack reviews to this model. Since locks are not included in the yakima high roller upright bike mount rack, you have to spend an additional $30 or more to install the lock system unless you want to strap your bike using a rope. In some car models who do not have a readily available mounts on the roof of their vehicle, it requires an additional installation which will cost you another extra $30. Other cars, like new Subaru models, require the bikes to be mounted backwards due to clearances issues.

Bike Rack Reviews: Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

bike rack reviews

Saris Guardian 2 bike trunk mounted bike rack received numerous bike rack reviews. This model little installation efforts, in fact you can take it out of the box and put it straight on the back of your car. It has 4 ratcheting tie downs that are capable of accommodating two bicycles. It has an anti sway mechanism to prevent damage to both bikes and the car during rough driving and it also has an adjustable hold downs to cater bikes of any sizes. No worries about getting you bikes scratched from the hooks because it is coated with rubber. According to bike rack reviews, the arms and legs of this model can be folded when not in use.

Advantages: Unlike other forms of bike racks which needed time for installation, bike rack reviews say that this model allows you to use it immediately after purchase. It is also removable and can be folded when not in use which gives your car a smaller profile.

Disadvantages: Extra parts may be required which means extra expenses such as extra bar when transporting women’s bike and extra cushion to prevent the bike against rubbing on each other. The pedals of the bikes also needed proper positioning during transport to prevent damaging other bike. Most bike rack reviews tell that the “anti sway mechanism” is not that effective, it  allows minimal sway during driving enough to damage your bumper.

And the most important disadvantages from these bike rack reviews is the pins which are used to hold the standalone arms are too short. A sudden bump can make the pins pop out which can cause damage to your bikes, cars and to the vehicles behind you.