Bike Rack For Garage

Bike Rack For Garage

Bike racks are important in keeping your bike free from damages and theft. And instead of just laying your bikes on the ground or leaning them on the wall, bike rack for garage provides more room and spaces.

There are three types of bike rack for garage: wall mounted, ceiling mounted and stand alone bike stands. Many bicycle stores are offering those types of bike racks, however they can be pricey. But you can still have your own bike rack if you dare to create your own.

bike rack for garage

Do It Yourself Bike Rack For Garage

There are numerous DIY bike rack for garage you could find on the internet plus they are very affordable. The first thing you should consider during the planning phase is to determine the number of bikes you plan on storing in the bike rack for garage. A helpful tip is adding extra parking space in case you have lots of visitors who always bring their bikes too. But if you don’t know any one who loves bikes as much as you do, then better limit the space to what you need.

The next thing is deciding where to put the bike rack for garage. Would you prefer a wall mounted storage, hang in the ceiling or just bike stands. If you frequently use your bikes, then a bike stand would probably suitable for you. It’s the easiest way to access and mount your bikes. But if your garage space is too limited, then you might just wanna go with wall mounted bike rack for garage.

Consider if you want a portable or a fixed bike rack for garage. There are bike racks for garage that can also be a bike carrier when transporting bikes. Keep in mind to build a bike rack that fits on the flat bed of your pick up truck. Another important reason why movable bike racks are more preferred is because  it does not require more hassles in installation like drilling screws in the walls or ceiling which causes permanent changes.

In terms of materials wood and PVC are the most popular materials to work with, its way a lot cheaper and easier to manipulate than metal. PVC are not heavy which makes it suitable for DIY bike racks for garage. For wood bike racks for garage all you need is a saw, screws and washers. On the other hand for the PVC pipe what you’ll need are pipes, T-connectors, a 90 degree connector and PVC cement. For ceiling mounted bike rack for garage it may require bungee cords, galvanized steel pipes, stud hooks, etc.

And the last thing you need to settle is your budget. When making DIY bike rack for garage it is important to set a limitation in order for you to keep track on the money that you’re spending. Another tip before buying materials is to canvas first. You might want to check out at least 3 hardware stores to compare their prices. As much as possible buy all items in one store; most stores provide discounts on customers who bought a lot from them.