Bicycle Storage Solutions

Bicycle Storage Solutions

Bikes are really hard to store most especially when living in a crowded place with no garage, front yard or back yard. Most people lean it anywhere as long as it doesn’t get on  the way, and some put chains around it then lock it in a pole outside the house.

Storing bikes shouldn’t be a nightmare. There are several bicycle storage solutions which you could utilize to solve your bike problems. The important thing is selecting the most appropriate bicycle storage solutions that will cater all of your needs.

bicycle storage solutions

Bicycle Storage Solutions: Fixed or Movable?

In choosing bicycle storage solutions the first thing you have to decide is whether you want a fixed or a movable storage racks.

  • Fixed bicycle storage solutions are usually wall mounted. It involves drilling screws to install the frames of the racks on the wall. It is important that you carefully select which part of the house you will place the wall mounted bicycle storage solutions. The height is also important to consider, if your bikes are too heavy you might consider lowering down the wall mounted racks to avoid strains from lifting the bike. However there are wall mounted bicycle storage which has an adjustable arms therefore the height placement of the rack is not a big deal. NOTE: If living in a rented house, ask for the permission of the owner first since it involves making changes on the wall.
  • Movable storage racks are the preference of many people since it does not involve any installation procedures. Usually the bikes are stored in a standing position. Up to three bikes can be stored in a tree bicycle racks. Bike stands are also helpful in providing stability when fixing your bicycles.

Bicycle Storage Solutions: Indoor or Outdoor?

Indoor bike storage solutions are similar to what we have discussed earlier. Now we are going to discuss more of the outdoor bicycle storage solutions.

  • Plastic covers. These are the most cost effective forms of outdoor bicycle storage solutions. They serve as a rain coat for your bicycles to protect them from heat or rain. Although the quality is not that good, it is quite enough if your bikes are not that expensive.
  • Canvas outdoor bicycle storage solutions. Its the tent for your bicycles. The size varies depending on how many bicycles you’re going to store. It is also built to protect the bicycles from extreme weather conditions. You can put padlocks on to secure your bikes from theft.
  • Wooden bike sheds. Preference of most people. It can be easily custom made. Easily painted and maintained. Plus it can add a good sight to your back yard. NOTE: Woods are prone to termites therefore check it from time to time.
  • Metal bike sheds. These kind of bicycle storage solutions are appropriate if your bikes are more expensive than the entire cost of these metal bike sheds. Owners of metal bike sheds are usually mechanics who don’t have enough space on their garage. You can also put other important gadgets and tools inside the metal bike shed.