Bicycle Rack for Cars

Bicycle Rack for Cars

Thanks to modern bicycle rack for cars creation, travelling your bikes on your vehicles are now easy. Unlike before wherein you need to have lots of ropes to tie your bike on the front of the hood like a deer or placing your bike at the back seat like a human, today all you just have to do is lift the bike and place it in the racks then you’re good to go!

Types of Bicycle Rack for Cars

There are four types of bicycle rack for cars.

bicycle rack for cars

  • The first one is the roof bicycle rack for cars which is commonly chosen by owners of mini coopers. Most vehicles like SUVs have a readily available racks on top which is a buying signal for you that you might want to choose roof bicycle rack for cars instead, this will only require minimum installation procedure. Roof bicycle rack for cars can also be used as a placement for surfboards, luggage and other belongings aside from your bikes. However there are lots of things you might want to consider as well such as decrease in gas mileage. Another important factor is drivers said that additional weight on the roof, if exceeded the maximum weight limit allowed, can make the vehicle hard to balance which may result to accidents. And you must have strong arms in order to life these bikes on the roof of your car. But all of these can be prevented with proper installation and usage of these roof bicycle racks for car.
  • The next type of bicycle racks for car is the hitch mounted kind. These are often installed to cars that have readily available hitch or tow at the rear end of their vehicles. It can hold and secure up to 5 bicycles during travel. The arms can also be folded whenever not in use.¬†The only disadvantage to this model is it takes lot of installation procedures and additional expenses in buying accessories needed for installation.
  • Trunk mounted bicycle rack for cars are the most convenient and popular one. This are highly suitable for small cars. The good thing about this is it is not welded or drilled and creates less invasive changes in your vehicle unlike other bicycle rack for cars. Plus you can easily detach it from the back of your car when not in need. It can only hold up to 2 bicycles but its not a big deal when you only need one. However you might not be able to use the trunk compartment of your car because these items are on the way. You might have to remove the bikes every time you are taking out an item from the compartment.
  • Spare tire mounted bicycle rack for cars are suited for individuals who doesn’t want to block the space for spare tires with bikes. The racks are installed at the back of the spare tire plus you can easily lower down the bikes without detaching them from the racks if you are going to use the spare tire. The only disadvantage with this model is installation can be costly, but security wise it is superb!