Bicycle Parking Racks

Bicycle Parking Racks

In America and Europe, there are lots of uniquely designed bicycle parking racks. The purpose of constructing it is to encourage everyone to use bicycles instead of gas powered vehicles as a form of personal transportation. In addition, bicycle parking racks are made to accommodate employers, students and other people that use bicycles so they can have a special parking area.

Way back in 1993, the “Inverted U” type bicycle parking racks is the standard and required designs of all bicycle parking racks which was proposed by the Denver Bicycle Master Plan. Any designs which is different from this one should gain an approval first from the Transportation Office.

bicycle parking racks

The Inverted U bicycle parking racks should consist of 5 inverted U’s which are mounted 30″ on center of base plate rails. For a stable parking, the racks should be mounted to a concrete base steel to create a free-standing parking positions.  The base rails were welded to the steel pipe and should have 11 mm diameter mounting holes.
If in case any one in Denver will propose a different form or design of bicycle parking racks, it should have the following specifications in order to meet the criteria of the Transportation office:
  • The bicycle parking racks should be able to support two parts of the bike not only the frame. For example, it has to support both wheels and frames.
  • Place for locking is important. The designed of the bicycle parking racks should allow the frame to be locked using a bike chain.
  • Bicycles that will be parked in the bicycle parking racks should have water bottle cages and does not have kickstands.
  • The bicycle parking racks’ design should be versatile. It should be able to accommodate bikes of all sizes, frames of all type

Where Can You Find Bicycle Parking Racks?

There are two locations where you could place bicycle parking racks: either on the public right of way or on private establishments. As much as possible bicycle parking racks should be at least 50 feet from a business office, therefore employers can have a good eye view on their bikes right at their office window. It is important that the placement of the bicycle parking racks should not hinder walking pedestrians and motorized traffic.
Aside from normal bicycle parking racks, you can also observe bicycle parking lockers which are specifically made for employees and bike commuters. These will give employees and the public more room for security, plus they could just leave their helmets and other biking gears inside the locker. These form of bicycle parking racks can protect you bike against different weather changes.
Universities are one of the place where you can find lots of bicycle parking racks because most of the students use their bicycles for transportation.

Bicycle Parking Racks: Final Words

More and more people are starting to use bicycles as their personal transportation which is a good thing. Biking is a form of exercise which is good for our health, plus it does not require gasoline. It can save both your money and the earth that you’re living in.