Best TV Wall Mount

Best TV Wall Mount

Flat screen televisions like LCD, LED, and plasma TV comes with a pedestal stand in case you are going to place it on top of a cabinet, table, or personalized TV stands. But mounting it on your wall can never look more stylish and sophisticated. Flat panels are made from light weight materials and has a shallow depth making it suitable for mounting using the best TV wall mount.

However most TV’s don’t have a readily available hardware for mounting purpose, therefore you have to purchase it separately. Choosing the best TV wall mount for your flat panel can be difficult for first timers and not inclined in terms of installation and stuff.

Best TV Wall Mount

Best TV Wall Mount: Types and Uses

Flat Mount. This is the best TV wall mount for those who wouldn’t want to spend more money and are not good in the installation process. Flat Mount is very affordable and easiest to work with compare to all other types of TV wall mounts. It is the TV wall mount that places your flat panel closer to the wall, as little as 1 inches away, compared to other types. However it positions your TV parallel to the wall and there are no angle adjustment. Therefore be sure that you are going to install it in the area where everyone can have a good view of the TV. This is the best TV wall mount for those televisions that have wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles like Plasma TV.

Tilt Mount. This is the best TV wall mount in case you want to position your TV way above the viewing level. It is capable of vertical angle adjustment therefore people can watch TV without tilting their head up. The space between your flat panel and the wall should be approximately 2 to 3 inches to give room for tilting. This is the best TV wall mount if you want to pace your flat screen on top of your bedroom wall or above a fireplace. The angle adjustment features prevent glares from windows or room lights.

Tilt/swivel mount. This is the best TV wall mount in a room where there are lots of viewing spots like dormitories and kitchen. Aside from vertical tilting, it is also capable of side to side adjustment.

Articulating mount. This is the most versatile, most sophisticated, and yes it can also be denoted as the best TV wall mount for your homes. The first feature that you’ll surely love about this is it is capable of full swiveling and tilting since it has an extendable arms The arm can be folded when you don’t need tilting and swiveling making your flat panel more closer to the wall like that of flat mounts.

When finding the Best TV Wall mount for your television, make sure to check first with the TV manufacture whether they have a specific bracket for your television so you won’t have a hard time finding it by yourself. If you are not comfortable in installing something on your wall (which will be there permanently), then just use normal TV stands instead.