Best Pool Deck Surface

Best Pool Deck Surface

There are all types of deck surfaces for those with above ground pools. Some may have wooden decks built with added effects and coverings. While others may build solid concrete around their above ground pool. Among some of the tougher surfaces are stamped concrete, solid stone coping, brick bands, exposed aggregate, flagstone decks, and colored concrete. These may cost a bit more money, but can look amazing around your above ground pool. In some cases making it appear as if it is an in ground pool that is elevated.

While quite a few contractors will recommend concrete pool decks and the best pool deck surface, the more common use in this type of setting is an above ground wood pool deck. The cost of this type of deck is minimal, and many times their are even plans online for these or at local hardware stores where you can pick up all the basics needed to build it yourself.

Advice for the Best Pool Deck Surface

If you are not technically inclined and are not a carpenter, it is recommended that you allow someone that has the right tools and cutting equipment do the job.

After the job is complete the next thing you will want to pay close attention to is the type of sealant or protectant you add to the deck. this is because many decks can begin to rot quickly when water seeps inside the wood if it is not treated before using.

In some instances where you might like to add a little more color to your wood deck, you can purchase stain which is also a pool deck sealant. This will allow you to knock out more than one job at the same time and save money in some instances. It is recommended that you give a thorough coating of coverage to your deck in order to keep water damage out of your above ground pool deck. Doing so will allow you and your family to enjoy a solid pool deck that lasts much longer than your pool probably, and it will allow you to be confident that your not allowing something that could easily damage your deck to do so at great cost to your pocket book.

Take your time with the decision as the selection of Best Pool Deck Surface will matter for years to come.