Best Places For Teenagers to get summer jobs

As a teenager, you need to start thinking about options to make money.

Teenager jobs

A few of the most common places for teenagers to find work are:

* Fast Food restaurants – like McDonalds, Burger King

* Coffee Shop – Caribou, Starbucks etc

* Retail Stores  – like clothing stores in malls

* Grocery Stores – options like stockings shelves, cleaning and bagging



You have options for a teenager summer job would be on the job training in the area you’d like to work long term. 

* If you like fixing cars, then find a car shop that will hire you

* If you like cutting hair, find a salon that will take you on.

That way you can learn as you go and there will be long term benefits too.


Of course there’s the stand by of making your own opportunities, like lawn mowing, babysitting and dog walking. You can find opportunities to work online by writing, or selling things on ebay.