Basic Steps to promote your online business for free

There are some very basic things that every business should take care of to make their business information available online. If you need further information you can contact Starmaker Marketing to get a more hands on guide.

But for now, let’s assume that you’re strapped for cash and want to get the word out by yourself. Here’s a handy check list:

#1) Do you have a website with your branded domain name?

You must have a website name that represents your business. It is so inexpensive today to have your own domain name that it is inexcusable to be missing a custom domain from your basic business promotion arsenal.

#2) Are you on facebook?

And that doesn’t just mean do you have a facebook fanpage. The question is – are you on facebook? and that includes being online from time to time, offering updates and comments.

#3) Basic Listings

Here is a list of websites that you should be listed on and they offer free signup. You will need to create an account with them, confirm your email address and/or phone number and submit basic listing information to the,



___ Yahoo Business Services

___ WhitePages

___ FourSquare

___ Pinterest