bailey cowboy hats

History of the Bailey Cowboy Hats

Cowboys in the wild wild west, Hollywood leading mans and even girls wearing boots and denim skirts are all fans of the Bailey cowboy hat. These quality and top of the class riding hats are made by all American hat man George S. Bailey. In the year 1922 the Southern California’s economy was growing at an unstoppable pace, perfect timing for George S. Bailey to start his hat manufacturing business.  George saw the need for riding hats since farming, mines and oil field business are growing, he also dedicated crafting hats to complement the dashing look of leading men in early Hollywood movies. Over the past 87 years of Bailey company’s existence, they’ve been providing classic Bailey cowboy hats for men, women and even infants.

Using Your Bailey Cowboy Hats with Style

bailey cowboy hats

Every cowboy knows how to work his bailey cowboy hats, but for first timers here are some tips on how to sport your bailey cowboy hats with class.

  • Putting on and taking off. Every gentleman sure does take his hat off as a sign of respect, but you don’t want to ruin the shape of your bailey cowboy hats do you? Always hold the hat with your four fingers on the front and back of the brim.  This will keep the crown clean and the shape untouched. Make sure that both of your hands are clean before touching your hat. If you’re not sure, you could wash your hands and dry them first.
  • Hats off. When you are not wearing your bailey cowboy hats always place them upside down on the crown. It is an important tip to keep the brim in its original shape.
  • Keeping it clean. When you noticed that your bailey cowboy hats are quite dusty and getting smelly you can use a hat brush, small plastic sponge or a whisk broom in removing the dust. And for the odor, you can buy air fresheners designed for hats. But if you are not confident in cleaning your own hat because you’re afraid you might ruin it, you could always turn to expert and let them do the work for you.
  • Removing stain. Either alcohol or soda caused the stain on your bailey cowboy hats, rinse it with a cold faucet water. Let the water run for a few minutes then gently rub the stain with your fingers. Do this until the stain fades away. Let your cowboy hat dry naturally, avoid hanging it in direct sunlight or using a hair dryer it will cause your hat to shrink. But keep in mind that this will only work on stains that are not yet dry.
  • Proper fitting.  It is advisable that you will wear bailey cowboys hats which are custom made for you. Aside from ill fitting hats don’t look good, it can cause headache if its to tight.
  • Cover for your hat. Quality made bailey cowboy hats can withstand snow or light rainfall, except acid rains. But if you are too overprotective about your bailey cowboy hats, it’s fine to wear hat covers too.