Baby Tattoos

Seriously Baby Tattoos ?

Baby tattoos leave a permanent mark on your child and are certain to cause quite the spectacle. Here are some pictures of some real and some artificial baby tattoos. See you if can spot the real baby tattoos or if you’ll be fooled with the graphics.


Yes, there really are tons of babies that get tattoos. Some of the photos are just representations of what they might look like if a baby were to get some endorsements if they got tattoos, but some really are parents that have chosen to permanently mark up their kids.

Are Baby Tattoos Ethical?

Is it OK to tattoo a baby? It would be great to get some feedback from you and see if you think it’s ok. Does the parent have a right to mark up their kid permanently? Is it any different than a parent getting their toddlers ears pierced?

How far can a parent go in deciding what is best for the kids?

Should a child later be allowed to sue their parent for getting baby tattoos?

Baby tattoos should be a tattoo that you get of your baby on yourself. That way you can have a happy memory of your baby with you at all times. You can get the name of your baby tattooed on your arm, your back or anywhere else where you are sure to be reminded of how much you care for your baby. For the actual tattoo you can choose between the name, the name with some graphics or you can get a photo of your child. Another great idea for a tattoo is to get footprints with the name, date of birth and any other special thoughts about the baby tattooed on you. Remember that you may have more kids in the future, so don’t give one child too much prominence. Keep it balanced.

Baby tattoos should be a tattoo of your baby, not on your baby!