The Australian Hat: Remarkably Practical

The Australian Hat: Remarkably Practical

An Australian hat is a wonderful alternative to a Western styled hat as its design is less gaudy but offers more sun protection and is great in style. Australian hats were originally called slouch hats or Australian bush hats. These were wide brimmed felt hats with a chinstrap and were worn as a component of their military uniform. One side of the Australian bush hat is pinned to the brim while the other side remains flat. This design is the reason why these hats are called slouch hats.

Nowadays, Australian hats are more than a part of the military uniform. These hats are perfect to use for any person, and for any occasion. For activities such as golfing, fishing, boating, traveling, horse back riding, and other recreations that require long hours of sun exposure, Australian outback hats would be a great way to protect yourself but still keep in style. Many brands such as Barmah Hats have revolutionized the Australian outback hat and have come up with numerous designs using different materials such as leather, straw, felt, wool and even kangaroo hide.

One of their innovative creations is the Squashy collection. One bother of bringing a hat when traveling is its storage, as hats usually can’t be folded because this affects their shapes. Hats in their original shape are also very space consuming if you really do plan to keep them in your bag. However, the Squashy collection has solved that problem. These hats are the ultimate travel hats as they can be conveniently folded and stuffed in their own bags. When you take them out again, they immediately spring back to their original shape.

What’s more, these hats come in cattle hide suede leather, premium full grain cattle hide leather, and oiled suede cattle hide leather. Fully foldable, lightweight and waterproof, plus with the traditional Aussie style, these Australian leather hats make for a really good investment.

For a truly Australian feel, Australian outback hats made in kangaroo leather are also available. These hats have a more worn look because they have natural marks and scratches, but this is exactly what gives them a homey yet adventurous feel. Kangaroo hides that are used for these hats are obtained under the Australian Federal Government’s Wildlife Protection Act, so there’s no need to worry about illegality issues. These hats are also made to be fully packable, and kangaroo leather is actually the strongest leather for its weight, so durability is ensured. To top it all off, this Australian outback hat is water resistant.

Another Australian hat to look into is the crocodile collection. These hats are made from premium full grain cattle leather but with a genuine crocodile leather hat band. To add a more daring look, the crocodile leather is adorned with genuine crocodile teeth. It is truly an interesting and feisty hat.

To get your own australian hat, just go to your favorite search engine and type in the words “Australian outback hat”. Doing this will result in several sites that hold a large collection of Australian style hats that you can choose from.