Anne Burrell Tattoos

Chef Anne Burrell Tattoos

I was watching Food Network tonight and noticed something I just plum hand’t seen before. Here was Chef Anne Burrell who has been on a bunch of TV show’s that I love like Worst Cooks in America and The Next Iron chef and I saw her reach up and there on her arm were a whole bunch of star tattoos. I wondered how on earth I could have missed those tattoos all the other times I’ve seen her.

anne burrell tattoo

She is known for her great cooking, fun personality and is an awesome chef. Sometime I got to taste her food in person. Maybe I could even help her design a tattoo in exchange.

Anne Burrell moved up several notches upon discovery of her tattoos. Although I do think she could have been more creative and found something that was more uniquely her – kinda like her cooking is so unique, that her tattoo should have reflected that.

So they aren’t the worst tattoos in America, but like on that show you want to find a designer who knows you can can style it according to you and your personal style.

So let’s see what she’s painted with:

Actual Anne Burrell Tattoos.

anne burrell tattoos

¬†Congrat Anne on your tattoos – even though you’ve had them for a while.¬†Anne Burrell Tattoos are stars like she is!