35x35x72 in Decorative Parakeet Aviary Bird Cage Stands


?Non-Toxic Epoxy finished safe for bird.
?Strong metal wire Bar that big parrots can not bend.
?Welded designed and Rectangular Tubes constructed for more steady.
?Three pairs of interior plastic Feeding Bowls for dry food, wet food or water.
?Two interior wooden Perches for more exercise.
?One more interior wooden Perch for spare.
?Two trapezoidal slide-out trays and two removable Grates for easy cleaning.
?Tall Stand for higher cage situation where birds love to stay.
?Elegant curvy Legs and lower Grate to shape a convenient store room for bird gear.
?Six durable Swivel Casters with three Locks for mobility and fixing.
?Total Dimensions: 34-5/8in. x 34-5/8in. x 72in. H
?Cage Side Length: 17-3/8in.
?Bar Spacing: 1/2in.
?Bar Thickness (mm): 2, 3
?Please make sure the bar space of this cage is well-spaced to your bird size.
This Cage is recommended to fit below breeds of birds:

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